Terms & Conditions


When booking a tour, a deposit of 100EUR per person should be submitted along with the completed booking form. After received, a booking confirmation will sent.

For the tours booked within 30 days of departure, payment in full will be needed, at the time of booking.


Circumstances beyond our control could lead to a surcharge and an increase in the cost of the booked tour. If the increase is any less than 2% of the published price, the cost will be absorbed within the original price. On the other hand, if the increase will be over 2% we may need to add it to the final invoice.

Cancellation policy:

COVID-19 PANDEMIC. All trips booked during the COVID-19 Pandemic can be moved to a different date, we are flexible with the dates. No refund will be issued.


If you cancel - If you decide to cancel the booking, the following terms might apply:

1. You have the option to transfer the deposit for another future tour. In case you also cancel the second tour, the deposit will be lost.

2. The booking can also be transferred to another name. However, this might be liable to extra administration costs.

If we cancel - We reserve the right to cancel any tour only in exceptional conditions if this would become necessary. If such event occurs, we will offer you the option to transfer the deposit for another future tour.

Transylvania Trails will not be held responsible for situations such as war, civil unrest, riots, medical crisis, terrorism or natural disasters, etc

Tour Changes:

The arrangements for any of our tours are made even a few months in advance. Therefore, it sometimes is inevitable that changes can occur. In most cases, the changes will be minor and will not affect the motorcycling experience. Nonetheless, in the event of a significant change, we will inform you as soon as possible, and you have the choice to (a) continue the tour with the changes made, (b) accept a similar alternative.

Our Responsibilities:

It’s our responsibility to supply a tour package as described in our Tour Brochure. We are unable to control any deficiencies in services due to local conditions, maintenance, industrial dispute or weather.

Your Responsibilities:

It is part of your responsibilities to inform Transylvania Trails regarding any illness, infirmity, allergies or dietary needs that may impact your touring holiday.

Have a personal travel insurance. It must include medical coverage including any possible repatriation in the event of serious illness or accident. We also suggest you include cancellation cover.

Complaints Procedure:

If you have any complaint to make, in the first instance, you should approach the tour representative and try to solve it. If after you still consider that your complaint hasn’t been resolved, you should send your comments to email: info@transylvaniatrails.com