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15 May 2024 - Lettenbichler wins Valleys the first round of the Hard Enduro World Championship

Will Mani repeat the perfect season?!

Photo Credit: Future7Media | Andrea Belluschi

21 April 2024 - 50% off Red Bull Romaniacs entry fees!!!

Great News! Red Bull Romaniacs and WESS Promotion GmbH have joined forces to support FIM Junior riders in Hard Enduro World Championship round four, Romaniacs, with a 50% off entry fees.

Photo Credit: Future7Media | Andrea Belluschi

14 April 2024 - Nathan Watson Interview Enduro World Title Goal!

Great to see Nathsan on a new Factory Ride and with big plans!

Photo Credit: Future7Media | Andrea Belluschi

1 April 2024 - Paul Bolton helping train the next generation Hard Enduro stars at KLIM Junior HEWC Camp 2024

This what the sport needs! Well done Bolts!

Photo Credit: Future7Media

22 March 2024 - Steve Holcombe – 2024 bew bike, new class...

A new beginning for Steve Holcombe on a red bike. Great to see different manufactures steping in the sport but we need a real hard enduro bike build by Honda?!

Photo Credit: Honda RedMoto | Future7Media | Andrea Belluschi

02 March 2024 - Billy Bolt Crowned 2024 SuperEnduro World Champion

Billy Bolt wins his fourth FIM SuperEnduro World Championship. Well done champ! What a season...

Photo Credit: Future7Media

24 February 2024 - Another win for Billy at Super Enduro GP in Bulgaria

Another win for Billy at Rnd 6th! Manuel and Will did a great race and both have been on the podium. Last round will be in the UK - Newcastle, Bolts home town...I guess we know who is the champion of this season?!

Photo Credit: Future7Media | Andrea Belluschi

20 February 2024 - New Sherco 300 SEF Hamish Macdonald EnduroGP replica

The 2024 Sherco 300 SEF Hamish Macdonald replica is based on the brand-new, four-stroke engine model with a long list of additional parts fitted as per the double Enduro World Champion’s bike (Youth 2019, Junior 2020). We have been using the 300 4T since 2017 and it's our favourite bike. Specs and etails here

Photo Credit: Sherco

09 February 2024 - Xavi León - the 40-year-old “grandpa” is European Super Enduro Champion

Age is just a number right? Well, Xavi León has just proved this saying is true, he wins the Super Enduro Championshio at 40 years old! Congrats Legend!

Photo Credit: Future7Media & SuperEnduro

03 February 2024 - Another win for Bolt at Super Enduro

Billy wins all the races at Super Enduro in Hungary. Will he be able to do the last two rounds with his knee injury?!

Photo Credit: Future7Media | Nicki Martinez

29 January 2024 - Mani wins Valleys Xtreme

First win of the season for Mani, althoug the race is not part of the FIM Hard Enduro Championship, can Mani repeat the perfect season?!

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28 January 2024 - Wade Young wins Ales Trem Hard Enduro 2024!

On his first race of the season and on a new bike ( Gas Gas ) Wade Young wins Alestrem Hard Enduro 2024 in France. Wade is one of our favourite riders and it's great to see him on a new ride, as they say: It's not the bike, it's the rider...

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3rd January 2024 - Sherco sign Teodor Kabakchiev for 2024!

Jordan Curvalle, Sherco Factory Racing Team Manager: “I am very happy to welcome Teo to the team; he is a promising young talent in the world of HardEnduro. He has been mixing it up with the top contenders for the past two seasons. We will strive to mentor and support and help him pursue victories.”

Teodor Kabakchiev says: “I am very happy. I believe that this is a next step for progression. The Sherco Factory Racing Team is full of people obsessed with bikes. We have a lot in common. I love that! Our goal is to bring the Sherco blue to the top of the sport.”

Teo and Sherco will make their joint major race debut at the Ales Trem Extreme Enduro in France on January 27-28.

Looking forward to seeing Teo in the Hard Enduro Championship in 2024!

Photo Credit: Sherco Factory