Transylvania Trails

Transylvania Trails was born out of the desire to offer motorcycling enthusiasts the adventure holidays they need to disconnect and live the experience they’ve always dream about. When starting this, we had a simple aim in mind: designing and leading the best motorcycle adventure tours, in the places we got to know and love.

Our motorbike tours come after four years of experience of slowing life down and speeding up on the roads. So, come and join us for a two-wheeled adventure if you want to experience Transylvania in the best possible way!

Meet the tour guide: Gabriel

He worked and traveled all over North Africa, Asia, the Gulf States and Europe. Finally, he moved to the beautiful region of Transylvania where he discovered an unexplored potential for adventure motorcycle tours. For the past three years, Gabriel explored the Carpathian Mountains and the Saxon villages of Transylvania the best way you can do it, by trail riding. He now knows the region like the palm of his hand and has learned how to link the remote areas of Transylvania in some amazing motorcycle touring holidays. What’s even more important is that he wants to share the Transylvania, as he knows it, with all the other motorcycling enthusiasts out there.

Moreover, Gabriel is interested in promoting and preserving Transylvania’s heritage. Besides the Transylvania Trails project, he decided to invest his passion in building a traditional wood-burning brick and tile kiln. This way, he has at hand the materials needed for traditional restoration. All this effort is made with the goal to preserve the cultural heritage of the Transylvanian countryside. When he’s not doing a motorcycle tour, you will surely find Gabriel working in the kiln.

Who is the Transylvania Trails motorcycle adventure tours for?

We like to think at our clients are curious as being open-minded and adrenaline-rush seekers. They love seeing the world changing and have a passion for exploring it on two wheels. Sometimes they ride hard, other times, they like to get distracted by the scenic places they’re passing through, by the food, history and people. All these add more charm to any place, especially if we’re talking about Transylvania.

If this sounds like you, we’re sure you will love our Transylvania motorcycle tours adventures.

Don’t wait any longer and join us!

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