Our bikes

The Transylvania Trails dirt bike collection is diversified, to offer both the beginner and the professional rider a comfortable and enjoyable experience. We have two bike models ( AJP, hand build in Portugal and Sherco, produced in France ) to put at your disposal suitable for all levels of riders. No track will seem challenging enough when on top on one of these!!


The AJP PR4 features great chassis components, a firm and comfortable seat and wide handlebars with brush guards. You can take it to the country road, but if you want to challenge the toughest trail, this is the perfect tool to overcome mud, rocks, water and sand. When the others start to loose traction and feel the climb going backwards, the PR4 shows how precise and effective it’s chassis is. Extreme and hard enduro riders are looking at this bike as the answer to their needs, with enough power from reliable and low maintenance air cooled engines, plus a pack of high quality suspensions and the composite framed that is the signature of the AJP.
AJP Redbull Romaniacs 2015 – Prolog by Emanuel Costa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMrmXWr09FE
AJP Porto Extreme Lagares 2015 – Prolog by Paulo Russo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zd2mq3ByHyQ&feature=youtu.be


The AJP PR3 bike is the perfect choice for beginners, offering you the perfect balance between power and versatility. This off road bike is easy to handle and precise to control. Also, its suspensions make it a great choice for enduro riding. The AJ PR3 bike will offer you an unforgettable ride.

Sherco 300 SEF-R

The Sherco 300 SEF-R off road bike is the perfect combination between the responsiveness of the 250 and the punch of the 450 model. It’s a versatile dirt bike, and it’s ideal scratching in enduro tours. From the casual rider to the professional racer, it’s an effective tool that shines in every area. It’s a treat to ride, no matter of the trail you choose.