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About the area

Whether you’re in the saddle of your motorcycle completing one of our motorbike tours or relaxing and enjoying what Transylvania has to offer, one thing is certain, you won’t get bored here.
Our tours offer motorcycling enthusiasts a genuine experience, from the accommodation to the activities you can do in this whimsical land.
For starters, to slow down the pace, we chose the perfect accommodation, a rural guesthouse located near the city of Sibiu.
This typical Saxon village is hiding one of the last authentic medieval landscapes in Europe. Here, you will also find a fortified church that dominates the panorama and will have the incredible view of the Fagaras Mountains in the background.

The city of Sibiu

A visit in Transylvania isn’t complete without seeing the beautiful city of Sibiu. We thought it’s a better idea to explore the rural landscape during our motorbike tours and leave Sibiu to be enjoyed by foot. This city was the European cultural capital in 2007 and is a constant presence in the tops featuring the best cities to visit in Europe.

During your stay here, explore the city’s main squares, visit at least one museum, explore the old towers, fortifications and churches, try the local gastronomy and interact with the friendly local people.

Just outside the city, you will find the place where the Red Bull Romaniacs takes place. This is the toughest Hard-Enduro rallye on earth. It takes place every year around the month of July and attracts riders from over 40 countries.

Local activities to do besides our motorbike tours

Rural Transylvania is the perfect place to take a break and recharge your batteries after a long day of riding on two wheels with our motorbike tours.
For the restless spirits, the area has many other activities to offer. There are plenty of hiking trails if you want to give your motorcycle a break. You can explore the pristine landscape by walking through forests and meadows, and learn more about local industries, such as the traditional roof tile workshop, the charcoal makers or the sheepfold.
Also, if you find yourself feeling nostalgic for the simpler times, the area also offers equestrian centres with all the facilities you’ll need for horse riding. There’s also the option to go carriage riding. This can be a comfortable alternative if you need a day-break in between the riding hours.

Riding the Mocăniţa steam train in Valea Hartibaciului most certainly is a unique experience one should live when in the land of Transylvania. Far away from the noise of the city, you’ll get to go back to the past during a more than enjoyable journey with the steam train.

As you can see, this beautiful area offers countless options to spend your time when you’re not in a motorbike tours. Come and see for yourself!

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